Medications will not be accepted at school without all the proper components.  You must have the medication form completed by your physician and have your signature.  Medication must be in the original bottle with a prescription label if a prescribed medication.  Over the Counter medicaitons can be in the orginial container.  All medications must be checked in by the school nurse and can not be given until done so.  School staff will notify school nurse if emergency medications, seizure or diabetic medications, Epi-Pen, or inhalers, are brought to school and the nurse will make every attempt to get those checked in before she returns.  ADHD medications may have to wait until the nurse is back at the school on her next scheduled visit.  School Nurses are recommending NO NARCOTICS at school.  This can pose a hazard for students who are able to drive and also the side effects that they are not beneficial to the student when sitting in class and trying to learn.  Please contact your school nurse with any questions or concerns.