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    What is NCStar?

    NCStar is our version of Indistar®, a web-based tool that guides a district or school Leadership Team in charting its improvement and managing the continuous improvement process.

    What is a Leadership Team?
    The Leadership Team drives the district's or school's improvement by assessing indicators of effective practice, creating plans and actions to achieve those indicators, and monitoring progress. 

    What is an Indicator?
    An indicator of effective practice is a concrete, behavioral expression of a professional practice that research demonstrates contributes to student learning.

    Our Progress
    On the NCStar website, you will find graphs that chart our progress toward full implementation of indicators of effective practice, and the actions included in our plans. But a quantitative count is not the full picture, and we work toward the indicators continuously, across the years. We revisit them periodically to be sure we are sustaining our good practice. For a view of the depth and quality of our work, see the Reports/Wise Ways/Indicators tab on the website.

    To access Banoak's NCStar website for details on what we are doing to improve our practice and increase student success, please click the link to the left: "NCStar: Banoak Elementary School."  The login and password for guests is GuestS15803.