• Elective Rotations

    Band - Mr. Kevin Townsend
    Chorus - Ms. Lauren Shook
    Drama - Ms. Davis Branch
    Spanish - Mrs. Chassta Atkins
    Technology/Robotics - Mr. Jason Guptill

    Required Rotations

    Careers & Entrepreneurship - Ms. Sharon Clark
    Careers & Entrepreneurship - Mrs. Kris Johnson
    Health and PE - Mr. Jon Holloway
    Health and PE - Mr. Matt Amerto

    Rotation Supply List (2019-20)

    *Students need a set of ear buds or headphones to use in all classes (No bluetooth, please.)

    Chorus: pencil, notebook paper, paper/plastic folder ($1 folders are fine!) Extras Needed: Clorox wipes, tissue, hand sanitizer
    Drama: pencils, paper  Extras Needed: tissue, disinfectant wipes, hand sanitizer
    Band: 1" 3-ring binder, 25-50 sheet protectors, pencil, notebook paper, Instrument and performance supplies are not needed on Day 1. We will discuss this in class. 
    Spanish: 3-subject notebook or 3-ring binder with 3 dividers, colored pencils  Extras Needed: tissue and hand sanitizer
    CTE (Careers/Entrepreneurship): earbuds or headphones (No bluetooth, please.) Extras Needed: tissue, disinfectant wipes, hand sanitizer, candy for rewards/games (No gum, please.)