• Driver's Ed

    Important Info:

    • There will be a $20 non-refundable fee to take the classwork
      portion of driver education.
    • Starting in September 2020 the driver education fee will be $40.
    • This fee must be paid when signing up for the class.   
    • There will be no fee for the driving portion.
    • Students will sign up for the classes at the school you choose
      to take the class.

    For students who have already taken the classroom portion of Driver's Education:

    • Students can contact the school to check the hours they need to drive. 
    • Our instructors will contact students to schedule driving times for this summer.
    • Students will be scheduled in age order.

      We are committed to bring you the best and most efficient driver education program possible. Thank you in advance for allowing us the time to get caught up with the students that need to drive.
      If you have any questions, contact the school or Dwayne Finger at the Central Office.


Contact info:

  • CCS Driver's Education Program
    Contact Information:

    MHS Coordinator
    Doug McRee (Office in Guidance)

    @ MHS on Tuesdays and Thursdays