• Adviser

    Grant Westbrook


    Ashley Grigg-Love

    Kyle Moretz

    Jerri Sigmon 

    Science Olympiads is a club/team that participates regionally at CVCC in March. The team members compete in a variety of scientific areas such as: anatomy, geology, forensics, chemistry, etc…  This club offers interested students a chance to enrich classroom knowledge by using hands-on experiences and content-based testing. Students may choose to build structures, create designs, or just expand their scientific knowledge through research.  Freshman through seniors who are interested and motivated to do independent studies and building events meet during after school hours. There are approximately 25 different events offered and all events are assigned to partners or groups of 3 students. Science Olympiads has a limit of 18 students per team.  Depending on the level of interest, there will definitely be a varsity team (18) and possibly a junior varsity team (18). A set date for afternoon meetings has not been assigned, but we do our best to avoid conflicts with other clubs/sports. We will have our first interest meeting in September and will announce other meetings monthly.  As we get closer to the Spring tournament, the frequency of our meetings will increase.