• The Blackhawks - 8th Grade

    Mrs. Melissa Oldaker (Science)

    Mrs. Tracey Shanks (Math)

    Mrs. Alison Stuart (Language Arts)

    Mr. Dan VonDohlen (Social Studies)

    Supply List (2019-20)

    -Earbuds or headphones (No bluetooth, please.)
    -4 1-1.5" 3-ring binders
    -1 Marbled composition book for Math (not spiral)
    -9 Notebook dividers (will be used in Science, Math, Language Arts)
    -Notebook paper
    -Colored pencils
    -4 AAA batteries 
    -Graph paper, blue sticks, pair of small scissors (optional, but highly recommended)

    **Math I students are highly encouraged to purchase their own calculator (TI-84+)**