• The Seminoles - 8th Grade

    Mrs. Courtney Branch (Language Arts)

    Mr. Jared Clark (Science)

    Ms. Maggie Rees (Social Studies)

    Mrs. Tara Trivette (Math)

    Supply List (2019-20)

    General Supplies: Pencils, pencil top erasers, pencil pouch, highlighters (any color), pocket folder, scissors (must fit in pencil pouch), glue sticks (8 total, 2 per 9-weeks), box of tissues for 1st academic class period, 4 AAA batteries for math, earbuds or headphones (no bluetooth, please) 

    -Composition book (not spiral-can be lined paper or grid; at least 100 pages) 
    -1"-1.5" binder and dividers
    -Loose leaf paper
    -Graph paper

    Language Arts
    -Composition book
    -Folder or binder
    -Loose leaf paper

    Social Studies
    -5-subject spiral notebook with pockets

    Required for all classes, every day
    -School assigned Chromebook fully charged
    -General School Supplies (listed above)
    -Book of choice to read (library or personal)