• What is the definition of technology?

    • Technology is an instrument that enables students to access information at their point of need and from a variety of resources. 

    • It is a tool that enables teachers and administrators to work more productively, offering solutions for instruction, time management, student monitoring and intervention.

    • It is a means through which every Catawba County Schools department is impacted in a manner that helps it perform more efficiently.

    • Technology cannot be simply classified as computers; rather, technology encompasses multiple forms such as smartphones, GPS, iPads, SchoolPads, document cameras, video cameras, digital cameras.

    • It can either be district-owned or student/staff owned.  CCS strives to find ways to incorporate effective, safe use of all types of equipment.

    The Information & Technology Department serves to maintain, upgrade and install computer systems to meet the ever-changing needs of education and to positively impact student achievement.  Our staff of Engineers keeps in operation over 13,000 computer systems, 1,000 printers and countless other computer peripherals. We also continue to support our faculty and staff through the efforts of our Instructional Technology Facilitators and to sustain school library media and student information programs.  We are working hard to equip both students and staff with the 21st Century skills required for professional and personal success.

    Our robust Wide Area Network efficiently delivers both network and Internet access to every classroom in the system.  All schools and the district offices offer wireless access throughout their facilities.

    If you would like additional information about our Information and Technology Department and the services provided, please e-mail our webmaster.

    Marty Sharpe

    Chief Technology Officer