• Hello! My name is Mr. David Bozza and I teach Drama and Theatre Production at Maiden Middle School.  

    Students in theatre classes will work on producing scenes and one act plays for public performance as actors, designers, and technicians. They will also learn about various careers in theatre and how to collaborate with others and be creative.

    Students in theatre learn: creativity, confidence, problem solving, perseverence, focus, non-verbal communication, how to give and receive constructive criticism, collaboration, dedication, and accountability. 
    The act of being in a play promotes all of these skills:
    Critical Thinking:
    *We apply close reading to the script
    *We analyze our characters and make inferences
    *We ask and answer questions based on the script
    *We interpret the script
    *We develop choices for our characters
    *We design the costumes, sets, and props based on the script

    *We construct a vision both visual and thematic
    *We offer feedback and suggestions during the rehearsal process
    *We receive and process feedback from the audience

    *We work together onstage and off
    *We develop a community
    *We problem solve

    Mr. Bozza's Email Address: david_bozza@catawbaschools.net

    MMS Phone Number: 828-428-2326