• Tardy to School

    Students are expected to be at school on time each day.  If a student is tardy, he/she should report to the office for a note in order to be admitted to homeroom.  Extensive tardies will result in an office referral.  Reasons for excused tardies are the same as excused absences, as outlined by Catawba County Board Policy.  


    Tardy to Class

    Students will be given adequate time to travel from one class to the next during the school day.  If a student takes too long and is tardy for the next class, the classroom teacher will handle the situation.  If it is an excused tardy, no disciplinary action will be taken.  If it is an unexcused tardy, the classroom teacher will take the necessary disciplinary actions to correct the problem.  If it continues to be a problem, the teacher will refer the student to the office along with information on the number of times the student was tardy and what was done to correct the situation.  To avoid unexcused tardies, students should:  1) Get a note from the previous teacher explaining the delay; 2) report to the next class before going anywhere that will create a tardy, such as the restroom, guidance office, main office or media center; 3) avoid unnecessary delays in the halls.


    Student Arrival and Departures

    Students should not be on campus prior to 7:35 AM.  Students arriving prior to the morning bell (7:52) should go directly to the gym until dismissed to homeroom. The tardy bells rings at 8:00.  Any student who is tardy should report directly to the office to be counted present.

    Car riders should disembark at the gym.

    Any student leaving school prior to the dismissal bell must have a parent or guardian come into the school office and sign him/her out.  No student will be allowed to leave with anyone except a parent or guardian unless the person signing the student out is on the emergency pick up list, or the office has acquired written permission from the parent or guardian.


    General School Policies


    • All staff members have authority over all students in activities occurring on school property.  This includes ballgames, social events, and all other activities in which students are representing Maiden away from school.  The staff members at other schools that host student functions have the same authority.

    • Medicine may only be taken at school under the conditions outlined by the Catawba County School Policy.  The parent or guardian, along with the attending physician, must complete a medication form to accompany the dated prescription outlining proper dosage and times.  Medication should not be transported on the bus.  All medication must be brought to and stored in the school office and must bear the name of the student.  Students must go to the office to take their medicine where a staff member will record the student’s name, the type of medicine taken and the time.  This record will be kept in the office.  Information regarding medicines and their distribution, along with medication forms, may be obtained at the school.

    • Any student who owes money to the school may be prohibited from representing the school in any way or participating in extra-curricular activities.

    • It is the responsibility of each student to keep up with his/her books and other school owned property.  If the student loses or destroys an item at any time during the year, it will be his/her responsibility to pay for the item.  This includes textbooks as well as materials from the media center.



    Student Absences & Make-up Work

    When students are absent from school, they should take the following steps:

    • Parent or guardian writes a note that includes date of absence, reason for absence and his/her signature.

    • Parent’s note is presented to the homeroom teacher on the day of the student’s return.

    Immediate plans are made to do all make-up work due to absences.  It is the student’s responsibility to obtain and complete work missed due to absences.

    Nine-Week Grading Periods

    The school calendar is designed for nine-week grading periods, after which report cards are issued.  In order to communicate with parents and students, teachers will send home progress reports every three weeks.  Parents are encouraged to contact their child’s teacher any time there is a question or concern regarding grades.  Parents may also view their child’s grades through the online system.  Parent IDs and passwords for the online system may be obtained in the school office.



    Students will not be allowed to accrue large debts to the cafeteria.  Parents may send money with their child to cover lunch expenses or may put funds directly into their child’s account online.


    Clubs & Activities

    There are various clubs and activities open to students at Maiden including Jr. Beta Club, History Club, Student Council, Battle of the Books, FCA, International Club, Art Club, Spanish Club, and Science Club. All students who are interested and who meet specific requirements may participate.



    Each participant in interscholastic sports must have passed at least one less course than the number of required core courses in the preceding semester and must have an attendance rate at or above 85%.  He/she must be covered by sufficient insurance with a family accident policy or with the school accident policy.  A physical examination is required prior to tryouts for all sports.  Athletics available at Maiden include football, soccer, volleyball, wrestling, cross country, cheerleading, basketball, softball and baseball.  


    Catawba County Schools’ Middle School Attendance Policy and Promotion Standards

    Students in grades 7 and 8 must be in attendance 90% (any fraction thereof will be rounded down) of the days enrolled in a Catawba County middle school to be promoted.


    Students must also meet the state and local promotion standards which include reaching proficiency levels on the state End-of-Grade Tests and attaining passing grades in Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies and at least one elective course.

    Attendance Review

    At the end of the year, a school-based attendance review committee will advise the administration whether circumstances warrant waiver of the non-promotion policy for attendance.

    Criteria for review will consist of the following information:

    • Comprehensive review of impact of attendance on student’s grades

    • Medical documentation

    • Work missed submitted in timely manner

    • Attendance history

    • Achievement level

    • Teacher input

    • Prior grades promotion record

    Compulsory Attendance Law

    In accordance with G.S. 115C-378...every parent, guardian or other person in North Carolina having charge or control of a child between the ages of seven and sixteen shall cause such child to attend school continuously for a period equal to the time which the public school to which the child is assigned shall be in session.



    Students may use their assigned lockers to store books, papers and other materials pertinent to their classes.  Bookbags, totes and purses must also be stored in the lockers during the school day.  School locks are available for a small rental fee. No personal locks will be allowed. The school is not responsible for personally owned valuables including electronic devices, cell phones, cameras or electronic games if lost or stolen.  Students are advised not to have such items at school unless expressly needed for a school related project.


    Students are reminded that lockers are school property and should be kept clean and organized. All lockers may be searched or cleaned out by school personnel. Students are not allowed to share lockers or to store items in other students’ lockers. Food and drink should not be stored in lockers with the exception of sealed lunch bags.


    Students are allowed to carry bookbags or totes to and from school either on buses or in personal vehicles.  All bookbags, tote bags and purses must be stored in student lockers during the school day and will not be allowed in classrooms. Students are advised  not to have valuables at school.



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