About Challenger

  • Challenger Early College High School opens its doors each year to 100 new freshmen.  Applications are accepted from area school systems in the spring of 8th grade. Challenger Early College High School is a public, non-charter, school where applicants are selected based on prior attendance, grades, state testing, discipline, current teacher recommendations, and an impromptu writing sample.  

    • An accelerated high school which includes earning a future-ready diploma and 2-year transferable degree/credits.
    • 100% high school graduation rate
    • 95% associate degree rate
    • 92% college course pass rate (AP equivalent)
    • Weekly professional discourse and development among all staff members. 
    • Curriculum planning and college/career matriculation review take place during each semester and during a retreat week during the summer.
    • Highly motivated students for college and career prep.
    • Serve students primarily from families where the student will be the first to earn a Bachelor degree.