District Social Media Guidelines FAQ

  • The FAQs below refer to both Policy 7.1600 Employee-Student Relations and our Social Media Guidelines for Faculty and Students.  If you have a question that is not answered below, please fill out this form.

    1.  What's the difference between BOE Policies and Guidelines?

    BOE Policies are rules and procedures that all Catawba County School employees and students must adhere to.

    Guidelines are best practices that all Catawba County School employees and students are encouraged to follow.

    2.  Why is a district social media guideline/policy necessary?

    These guidelines and policy are needed to clearly separate the use of personal and professional social media accounts and texting by teachers and district staff members.

    3.  When would it be appropriate for a teacher to text my child?

    Teachers, coaches or any Catawba County Schools employee should not text your child directly.  We have implemented several communication tools that our employees will use.

    4.  Does this policy/procedure allow a teacher to “friend” my child on Facebook?

    ABSOLUTELY NOT. Under this policy, staff should NOT “Friend” students using a personal social media account. Staff should NOT post information about students on their personal social media accounts. Professional social media accounts must be school sponsored with the permission of the principal. Examples of professional social media accounts are a school’s Facebook and Twitter account. Items can only be posted there if a student has parent permission on file.

    5.  Will teachers use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc to post assignments or contact students?

    No. Teachers will continue to use the following Catawba County Schools approved list of communication tools as the primary way of communicating with students.

    • Blackboard Connect
    • Catawba County Schools Email
    • Catawba County Schools Google Hangouts
    • Google Classroom
    • Canvas Learning Management System

    Faculty may use social media to PUSH content to followers (parents, community, etc.)

    6.  Can faculty "friend" parents on social-networking sites?

    The Catawba County School system recognizes that because of the tight-knit nature of our school communities, many staff members may have parents of students who are family members or close personal friends.  However, Catawba County Schools cautions staff members against engaging in such social-networking friendships with parents of students.  Use your official school or work-related page(s) instead.  A recommendation for staff to respond to “friend” requests on their personal pages is as follows…

    If you are a parent requesting to be my “friend,” please do not be surprised or offended if I ignore your request.  As an employee of Catawba County Schools, our policies, procedures, and practices discourage me from “friending” parents on my personal pages.  I would encourage you to friend the site for our school, classroom, department, Catawba County Schools pages, etc.


    7.   A parent who is an employee is at a ball game.  Their daughter is a cheerleader.  They take a photo that includes two other students.  They post a photo on Facebook.  Is this against the policy?

    This would be considered a public event, therefore would not fall within Catawba County Schools Policy 7.1600 Employee-Student Relations.

    It would be advisable to take into account the situation.