• Adviser

    Dawn Bradley

    The BHS Pep Club is to support fellow students at their extracurricular events and promote school spirit. You may participate by attending sporting events during all three sports seasons and being a supercharged member who shows school spirit at other events. Members of the Pep Club design, make, and hang posters for the games and happenings throughout the school year! They encourage other students to partake in the excitement of BHS sporting events and supporting each other in all endeavors!

    Member Requirements

        • Members of the Spirit Club design, make and hang posters for the games.
        • They encourage other students to partake in the excitement of BHS events.
        • Membership requirements: Trojan spirit, loud voice, creative mind, and attendance at Bandys’ games and events.


    • Must attend 8 BHS events a season 
          • During each season you must attend at least one event from every sport during that season.
            • Athletes/Drill Members/Band/Etc. who are in season are exempt
          • Athletes/Drill Members/Band/Etc. may count up to 4 of their own events towards their 8


    • Must attend each monthly meeting
    • Miss more than 2 meetings a semester or 4 for the year and your pass will be revoked
    • Must keep a season log and turn it in. Failure to attend 8 events per season and turn in your log results in your card being revoked!


    • Must remain positive and reflect sportsmanship.  Treat other teams, schools, and students with respect.  Treat your fellow Trojans with respect.