• This year, our hope is to involve every student and staff member in a club! Our goal for clubs to meet monthly for 1 hour during the school day. During this time, students will be nurturing social skills and developing a love of learning, whether it be something new or a longtime hobby. 

    A few of our clubs include sewing, art, photography, running, journalism, drawing, dance, bilingual, LEGOs, and more! If you have a great idea for a club, tell your homeroom teacher!

    The following clubs will continue to meet AFTER school and students may still join even if they are in another club!

    • Student Lighthouse Team (formally Student Council) (one rep per homeroom)

    • Battle of the Books (grades 4-6 only)

    • Science Olympiad (grades 3-6 only)

    • Robotics (grades 4-6 only)