• This year, our hope is to involve every student and staff member in a club! Our goal for clubs to meet monthly for 45 minutes during the school day. During this time, students will be nurtutring social skills and developing a love of learning, whether it be something new or a longtime hobby. More info about club offerings will be posted after school starts! 

    Suggested clubs have been sewing, art, photography, running, journalism, drawing, dance, bilingual, LEGOs, and more! If you have a great idea for a club, tell your homeroom teacher!

    The following clubs will continue to meet AFTER school and students may still join even if they are in another club!

    • Student Lighthouse Team (formally Student Council) (one rep per homeroom)

    • Battle of the Books (grades 4-6 only)

    • Science Olympiad (grades 3-6 only)

    • Robotics (grades 4-6 only)