Thank you for your patience and kindness throughout the year during afternoon dismissal. Your help makes a positive difference. If you are unsure of our dismissal procedures, they are listed in the student handbook.  

    You should request and receive an official car rider sign at the beginning of the school year. For safety you MUST display this school sign in your car window in order to pick-up your child(ren) in the car rider line. Please leave the sign displayed until your car has been loaded.

    If you do not have a sign, forgot your sign, or lost your sign, please DO NOT get in the car rider pick-up line. Please park and come in to the office with a photo ID to collect your child(ren). We will not dismiss students to cars not displaying the official sign. No exceptions. Student safety is a top priority. 

    If you have the sign, please remain in your car, in the pick-up line, for your child.  Your child(ren) have been instructed to walk out when their name is called and wait for the adults on duty to tell them to go to their car. This way when the cars are moving, the children are not. Please load children on the passenger side of the car. Students who load on the driver side are at greater risk of getting hurt by other cars.

    Any student waiting in the lobby after 2:50 will go to QUEST, our after-school program, where adults can supervise them. You may collect them around back in the gym.

    If you are unable to pick your child(ren) up by 2:45 some days, please contact QUEST and arrange for your child to attend the afterschool program on those days. Please send in a dated note informing your child's teacher that your child will be going to QUEST instead of being a car rider on those days. 

    Anyone entering the front lobby for early pick-up due to an unavoidable appointment, must go to the office and show a photo ID before the student(s) are released.

    If you have any questions or concerns about car riders, please call our principal, Mrs.Heather Houser or our assistant rrincipal, Mrs. Tara Killian at 828-294-2020. If you would like your child to begin riding the bus and have questions about that, please call our assistant principal.  THANK YOU!