Thiel, William



Degrees and Certifications:

Thiel, William

First Sergeant (1SG), U.S Army Retired

Military Service:  Army, July 1988 - January 2009

Phone: (704) 462-1496 ext 5304

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Degree / Certifications:  BA General Studies, Fort Hays State University


JROTC Mission - "To Motivate Young People to be Better Citizens"

FTF Tiger BN Motto - "No one of us is stronger than all of us"

Objectives/Goals - Promote citizenship; develope leadership & critical/creative thinking; teach to communicate effectively; improve physical fitness; provide incentive to live drug-free; strengthen positive self-motivation; provide global awareness to include a historical perspective of military service; train to work as a team member; inspire to graduate from high school, attend institutions of higher learning, and pursue meaningful careers particularly in the areas of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

Values - Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity, Personal Courage

The study of ethics, citizenship, communication, leadership, physical fitness, life skills and other subjects designed to prepare young men and women to take their place in adult society, evolved as the core of the program.  More recently, an improved student centered curriculum focusing on character building and civic responsibility is being presented in every JROTC classroom.

 General Program Information:  As the Army JROTC Instructor, I serve as the liaison between the Army Cadet Command, school district, and the civilian community and will do my best to serve as a positive role model for your child.  I will assist in supporting cadet activities such as military ball, cadet competitions, military/school/community ceremonies, and charitable/service learning events.  However, the cadets will perform the tasks required for planning activities, developing goals, and executing their plans as part of their training.  Our goal as instructors is to develope the cadet's social skills along with their planning abilities as they interact with individuals within and outside thier peer groups.

Communication with parents is vital to the success of this program.  We solicit your active participation through direct communication with us.  We find that cadets perform at a higher level when parents take active interest in their son/daughters development as leaders and responsible young men/women.  Please feel free to stop by and visit the JROTC Department or call anytime you have a question or concern that we can address.  Becoming a JROTC Cadet is an important step in your child's progress towards adulthood and maturity.  As the JROTC Army Instructor, I intend to make your child's experience meaningful, enjoyable, and relevant to the challenges he/she may face as they continue their journey to adulthood.