Ms. Davis Branch



Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Davis Branch

Drama (Grades 7th and 8th)

Phone: (828) 256-9545 ext. 414


Planning Time: 10:15-11:00; 12:55-1:35


Drama Announcements

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  • Got questions for the REDSKIN REPORT?? Follow the link to submit them and maybe we'll anwer them on air! 


    Redskins ?'s

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    cast list

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  • ACT

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  • Arndt’s after school theatre program! We do plays, competitions, improvisation and more. ANYONE can join- you don’t have to take drama. We generally meet Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays in the Drama Room.

    You can participate at one point in the year and do a sport another semester!


    FALL Play (interferes with):

    Boys Soccer

    Cross Country




    Stay tuned to our website and instagram @act_ers for more updates.


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  • Bad Play Info

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  • Discount Card Form

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  • card

    Arndt Middle Friends and Family,
    Our drama department is asking for your support of our Hickory Savings Pass fundraiser.  You can purchase a Savings Pass Card for $10.00 that will save you hundreds over the next year.  You can use the card multiple times for the discounts listed between now and February 28 of 2019.  One full year of savings at places like Subway, Hickory Crawdads, Salsaritas, PJ's in Bethlehem, McDonalds, Burger Fi, East Coast wings just to name a few.  Savings carry over to many National Companies and the card comes with a Phone App to help you enjoy your savings.  Please help us fund our drama department with your easy purchase of a Hickory Area Savings Pass. Thanks for your support!
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  • NCTC

    Auditions for NCTC will be this Friday after school in the drama room till 5:30 pm! Please have rides here on time and break a leg!

    NCTC site for more info: NCTC Overview

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  • -ACT AV writers will meet after school today till 4:30 pm. 

    -Anyone interested in participating in the NCTC middle school play festival should meet in the drama room after school tomorrow till 4:30 pm.  See Ms. Branch if you have questions.
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  • PPS OT

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  • Entertainment Survey

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  • Rehearsal calendar for AV club, Princess Party Smackdown, and Our Town. 


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  • ACT and AV tees!

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  • Pictured below is a tentative schedule for ACT and ACT AV club events! Please email Ms. D Branch if you have any questions.





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  • Star Students


    Star students- (front row- 7th grade) Brandon (not pictured), Mikayla L, Ella J, Marlee B, and Edwin F. 

    (back row- 8th grade) Nate D, Brandon C, Brookelyn P, Camille C, and Evan P. 


    Please give a round of applause to October's Star Drama Students. Thanks in part to The Green Room Community Theater, these students have been awarded free tickets to see Faith County! Star Students maintain an A average in Drama class, are leaders in their class, and exemplify good etiquette on and off stage; Bravo! 

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  • Drama Club info

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  • Hamlet Quiz

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  • Projection Quiz

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  • This Friday the Arndt Creative Theatre held auditions for this spring's one-act show, The Brothers Grimm Spectaculathon. This is the show that ACT will take to the NCTC Middle School Play Festival on March 18. We had so many talented actors audition that casting really came down to availabiliy and maturity due to our two month time crunch. Thank you to all who auditioned! Congratulations to the following Redskins; please come initial the cast list outside the drama room acknowledging that you accept your role. We will have a read-thru Wednesday after-school till 4:30 pm. 

    The Brother Grimm Spectaculathon  

    Narrator 1

    Kristen LaRochelle

    Narrator 2

    Lucas Osborne


    Catherine Oxford


    Jenna Fogle


    Daniel Bulick

    Prince 1&2

    Clay Lindemuth


    Melony Absher


    Shelby Bryant


    Kairi Cook

    Witch 1

    Emma Robinson

    Dwarf 1

    Camille Gasper

    Dwarf 2

    James Duncan

    Snow White

    Kelsey Wise

    Witch 2

    Kaitlin McGuire

    Devil 2

    Zelda Stracener

    The Devil’s Grandmother

    Macy White

    Dirt Merchant/ Doctor

    Hilary Ramirez


    OC Rolle

    Crew/ Swing

    Karis Rose

    Crew/ Swing

    Caroline Hendren

    Crew/ Swing

    Joe Pickar

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  • Eighth graders have begun working on their Poe scenes that we will perform at the end of the month! Here are the scripts for actros who want to study lines at home! The Raven Tell-Tale Heart House of Usher

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  • NCTC

    Arndt is once again one of the only middle schools in Catawba County to be a member of NCTC, an organization dedicated to promoting arts education a professionalism in theater!

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    Crew Shirts


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  • ACT AV Club


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  • Peter Pan Schedule

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  • Peter Pan Cast List Peter Pan Cast List


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  • Thanks to all who auditioned! We have so many talented @act_ers at Arndt! Follow our instagram @act_ersPeter Pan Cast List

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  • Ms. Byrd will soon be accepting applications to participate in ACT's AV Club! These students create video shorts; we need camera crew, actors, writers and editors! See Ms. Byrd for the application and return by September 4. 

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