• St. Stephens High School Information


    • Turn in all absence notes to B1 teacher.

    • Students are expected to complete and turn in all make-up work within the same number of missed days plus one additional day.   It is the student’s responsibility to take the initiative to find out the missed work and turn it in within the time allotted.

    • Absences are counted per class period.

    • Students are allowed 8 absences per class period per semester.

    • Any absence after the 8th absence will result in loss of credit for the class.

    • All absences are counted toward Exam Exemption Policy

    Exam Exemption Policy
    • Students cannot be exempt from EOC Exams, Common Exams or CTE Exams.
    • To be exempt a student must satisfy the following grading/absence criteria:
    A = 93-100 3
    B = 85-92 2
    C = 77-84 1
    D = 70-76 No exemption
    F = Below 70 No exemption
    • 2 unexcused tardies = 1 absence  
    • If student takes AP exam – exempted from exam in that AP class.
    • No ISS or OSS for the semester in which the class is held.
    • School sponsored activities or administrator approved college visits will not count against the student’s attendance.
    • Exemption due to medical reasons will be at the discretion of the principal.
    • For exam exemption purposes, a final semester average is calculated by adding the semester’s 1st 9 weeks and the 2nd 9 weeks grade and dividing by 2.  This calculation will be done the day prior to the first exam day each semester.
    • Exams count as 20% of the student’s final semester average.

    Tardy Policy
    TARDIES TO SCHOOL and TARDIES TO CLASS will result in disciplinary action. Unexcused tardies are to be handled as follows by the classroom teacher:
    • Unexcused Tardy #1...Warning
    • Unexcused Tardy #2....Warning
    • Unexcused Tardy #3....Referral to ISS. ISS Coordinator assigns 1 day lunch detention
    • Unexcused Tardy #4....Referral to ISS. Coordinator assigns 3 days lunch detention
    • Unexcused Tardy #5....Referral to ISS. Coordinator assigns 5 days lunch detention
    • Unexcused Tardy #6....1 day of ISS; referral to office/ loss of driving  privileges for remainder of semester
    • Unexcused Tardy #7.....2 days of ISS
    • Unexcused Tardy #8....3 days of ISS and parent meeting
    *Two unexcused tardies equal one class absence for exam exemption purposes.
    * Bus Tardies:  These tardies are EXCUSED as long as the student arrives to class within 5 minutes of the bus arrival.  An email will be sent out regarding late buses each morning during block 1.
    * Each student will receive a “fresh start” for tardies after the beginning of each nine-week period except as related to the exam exemption policy.
    * Student drivers who receive their 6th unexcused tardy shall lose their parking privileges for the remainder of the semester




     First AND ONLY Offense:  The electronic device will be taken from the student and sent to the office.  Parent contact will be made by the administrator. The parent will be asked to pick up the electronic device during office hours at the parent’s convenience.  THE STUDENT WILL NO LONGER BE ALLOWED TO POSSESS OR USE ANY ELECTRONIC DEVICE FOR THE REMAINDER OF THE SEMESTER.  Point of clarification:  During class time includes the following:  If a student is allowed to leave the classroom during the class period, he/she is not allowed to use the electronic device while in the hallway, bathroom or other areas of campus.  Any adult has the authority to confiscate the electronic device.

    No electronic devices are allowed during final exams.