Student Supply List

  • Challenger Early College

    Student Supply List

    To successfully accomplish tasks and required assignments, the following are standard supplies for all students:

    • Loose leaf paper (already 3-hole punched, wide or college ruled is okay)
    • One supply pouch that holds:  colored pencils, writing pencils, pens (blue or black ink only), mini-stapler with staples, glue stick, tape, highlighters, scissors
    • One pack of graph paper (for students in math classes only)
    • One pack of index cards (lined or unlined cards are okay, graphing cards are okay, any size is okay)
    • 1 box of clear sheet protectors (50)
    • 3-hole puncher (fits in 3-ring binder)
    • USB flash drive (at least 2 GB; write your initials on it with a Sharpie)

    Grade-level specific supply lists:

    9th graders

    • 2 composition notebooks (not spiral)
    • 2 spiral bound notebooks (3 subject)
    • 1 binder (3 inch)
    • 1 pack of tab dividers (5-8 tabs needed)

    10th graders

    • 2 composition notebooks (not spiral)
    • 1 spiral notebook (1 subject)
    • 1 spiral notebook (3 subject)

    11th graders

    • 1 spiral notebook (5 subject)
    • 1 spiral notebook (1 subject)

    12th graders

    • 2 college ruled composition notebook (not spiral)


    College instructors and high school teachers can require additional supplies as listed on their individual syllabus.  

    Highly recommended but not required items to consider:

    • Book bag or backpack:  CHS students are free to use whatever kind of book bag or backpack that they choose.  Rolling backpacks are acceptable on campus.  Please remember that CHS students move around the entire CVCC to get to class and are responsible for transporting their books and supplies.   
    • TI-84 Plus Calculator:  CHS students will use a TI-84 Plus Calculator in all high school and college math classes.  Students can sign a responsibility form and check out a calculator from the Challenger Textbook Room.  
    • Personal Laptop Computer:  Students will use computers in some capacity for every high school and college.  Students have access to a number of computer labs across campus.  Students that select to purchase their own laptop are encouraged to have at least 256 K memory, a wireless interface, and the Microsoft Office software package.  Note:  students are responsible for planning time with an available, working computer/printer in order to complete assignments.