Federal Programs Department

  • Welcome to the Federal Programs Department.

    Federal Programs administers Title I, Title II and Title IV

    • The Title I, Part A program provides financial assistance to public schools with high precentages of poor children to help ensure that all children meet challenging state academic content and student academic achievement standards.  
      • Catawba County Schools provides Title I funds to elementary schools that have at least 35% of the children from low-income families.
      • All participating schools operate school-wide programs.  Funds for school-wide programs are used to serve all children in the school.  
      • Title I is designed to support state and school reform efforts tied to challenging state academic standards in order to reinforce and amplify efforts to improve teaching and learning for students farthest from meeting state standards.  Our school-wide programs are based on effective means of improving student achievement and include strategies to support parental involvement.


    • The Title II, Part A program is dedicated to the preparation, training, and recruitment of high-quality teachers and principals.  
      • Title II is aimed at increasing student academic achievement through the improvement of teacher and principal quality by increasing the numbers of highly-qualified principals and assistant principals in our schools. 


    • The Title IV program is dedicated to supporting well-rounded educational opportunities, safe and healthy students, and the effective use of technology within our school district. 
      • Title IV funds currently support district initiatives to enhance progress monitoring, and data collection to drive effective instruction.
      • Additionally, Title IV funds are used to support the development and coordiation of On-Line Catawba. 
      • Also, Title IV funds enhance science, STEM and mental health support initatives.





    CCS Center for Instructional Services
    10 East 25th Street
    Newton, NC 28658


    Kelly Nicholson
    Federal Programs/Early Childhood Director
    828-464-8333 x 180278

    Lisa Cook
    Federal Programs Assistant
    828-464-8333 x 180261