• About Us


    Our grade level consists of five teachers; Natalie Cadle, Barbara Lydick, Capprice Howard,Susan Milburn, and Cathy Tolbert.   


    We collaborate as a team as well as gear our instruction to match the needs and interests of the students within the individual classrooms.  We not only ensure your child is getting the standards required by the state but also making the learning relevant in a way that continues to excite him/her.  


    If your child has not learned the school pledge or what it means, you can help by explaining how the pledge can be reflected in the home environment as well as the school one.  Since we are continuing the high expectations for learning and behaviors that you as a parent started, it is a good way to bridge the connection between home and school. 


    Carry out kindness.

    Always be safe.

    Take responsibility.

    Show respect.


    Tips on how to help your child succeed: 


    Establish a nightly routine which includes homework time in a specific place each night. Read to your child every night.

    The single most important activity for building the knowledge required for eventual success in reading is reading out loud to children…”


    Monitor the amount of time and types of shows your child watches on TV (as well as digital devices).

    “Although moderate amounts of TV viewing do not interfere with schoolwork, academic achievement drops sharply for children who watch more than 10 hours a week.”


    Go to the library together.

    “The availability of reading material in the home, whether owned or borrowed from the library, is directly associated with children’s achievement in reading comprehension”


    Find ways to incorporate math and science into everyday living from cooking to recognizing shapes throughout the community. 


    Quotes by: Teaching and Learning in the Elementary School