• We are one of the largest elementary schools in Catawba County. Our current enrollment is 793 students which make up one (1) Pre-K class, four (4) kindergarten classes, five (5) first grade classes, four and a half (41/2) second grade classes, five and a half(51/2) third grade classes, five (5)  fourth, and five and a half fifth, and sixth grade classes. This means seating in the cafeteria may be crowded when you come for lunch! We encourage you to come, but please be patient with us!

    We are a Title I School, based on our current number of students who receive Free/Reduced lunch. This means we will receive federal funds which allows our school to have a Literacy Specialist, additional classroom support, and materials to provide parent workshops. We, with the help and support of the Parent Teacher Organization (PTO), strive to provide a fun and enriched learning experience for your child.

    We offer several extra-curricular activities for the students from Battle of the Books to Robotics to Running Clubs. We have many opportunities for parent/grandparent volunteers. We have special days for grandparents and Veterans to join us for lunch as well as quarterly Honor's Assemblies.

    We keep in contact through e-mails, phone calls, teacher webpages and daily notebooks/folders that go home with your child each day. We encourage parents to contact their child's teacher if they have questions about the classroom or the office for general questions.

    Our faculty and staff are dedicated to the success of the students and look forward each year to new adventures in teaching and learning.