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Welcome, 3rd - 8th Grade Students!

The benefits of a fully flexible, consistent, and rigorous curriculum are remarkable. And... it is 100% free for Catawba County residents!

Online Catawba 3-8 Program is a flexible virtual program with in-person opportunities for enrichment, tutoring, testing, etc. Students are required to meet certain criteria, including not having failed any online/hybrid courses previously. Parents must be able to provide transportation when needed. Please visit our Online Catawba website to get all the details, attend a virtual information session, and submit your application.

What is the criteria to be accepted into Online Catawba in 3rd-8th grade?

We want to set your child up for success in Online Catawba. Therefore, students must be able to answer "no" to the following questions:

  • Grades 3-6: Has your student failed 1 or more grade levels while attending school online/hybrid in the last year? 
  • Grades 7-8: Has your student failed an online/hybrid course or grade level in the last calendar year? 
  • Grades 7-8: Has your student failed 2 or more online/ courses or grade levels ever?

What are the criteria to remain in Online Catawba?

We will actively monitor your child's progress every 3 - 4.5 weeks to ensure your child is progressing at the optimal pace. If progress is not on track, our teachers will implement academic interventions which include synchronous instruction, as well as in-person tutoring. 

What is required of a parent/guardian for a child to be a successful online learner?

You will have to be able to say "yes" to all of the questions below:

  • Will you ensure your student participates in an Online Catawba Orientation session with his/her teacher(s) during the first week of school/semester? 
  • Will your student have a designated place to do schoolwork? (e.g., desk/table in a quiet area) 
  • Will there be an adult available to assist and facilitate instruction? (e.g., eliminate distractions, manage time, ask questions, etc.)
  • Will you and your student be able to dedicate the necessary amount of time to virtual learning? (e.g., estimated 20 hours per week for general education, more for honors, AP, etc.)
  • Will you commit to providing transportation for required in-person activities (tutoring, testing, etc.)?

What will Online Catawba classes be like in 3rd through 8th grade? 

Recognizing the need to provide both a flexible schedule and the rigorous North Carolina curriculum, our 3rd-8th grade classes will have opportunities for screen-to-screen synchronous instruction, as well as asynchronous instruction.

Benefit From Online Catawba

One of the many ways Online Catawba is making education better for our students is by providing Learning Labs throughout the district. Our Learning Labs are a physical space for students to:

  • Use for optional face-to-face instruction (enrichment, tutoring, etc.)
  • Take required CCS and state assessments
  • Have instructional interventions, if necessary. 

Please note: Parents/guardians will need to provide transportation.

What are the next steps?

Find out more!

Attend one of our optional Virtual Information Sessions. Meet our director, learn what your child's day will be like, and ask all of your questions in this live format using Google Meet. 

Click for Virtual Info Session Schedule!