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All Students Are Welcome to Apply!

We want to help your child get all the important foundational skills in reading, math, science, and social studies to succeed through their entire educational career.

Our Online Catawba K-2 program will be a combination of in-person and virtual learning opportunities and does require parental involvement, including transportation to the in-person days.   

We will actively monitor your child's progress every 3 - 4.5 weeks to make sure he or she is progressing at the optimal pace. An open line of communication between our teachers and our parents is vitally important.

What is required of a parent/guardian for a child to be a successful online learner?

You will have to be able to say "yes" to all of the questions below:

  • Will you ensure your student participates in an Online Catawba Orientation session with his/her teacher(s) during the first week of school/semester? 
  • Will your student have a designated place to do schoolwork? (e.g., desk/table in a quiet area) 
  • Will there be an adult available to assist and facilitate instruction? (e.g., eliminate distractions, manage time, ask questions, etc.)
  • Will you and your student be able to dedicate the necessary amount of time to virtual learning? (e.g., estimated 20 hours per week for general education, more for honors, AP, etc.)
  • Will you commit to providing transportation for in-person learning activities? 

Enrich Social Skills

We also know that academics are not the only foundational skills that our youngest learners need. That’s why we provide in-person opportunities for socialization, enrichment, tutoring, and more. In-person instruction will also be available for students who may be struggling with their studies (Parents/guardians will need to provide transportation.)

It's like the best of both worlds! A fully online, flexible school with the option to be in-person at one of our Learning Labs, when required or desired! 

What are the next steps?

Find out more!

Attend one of our optional Virtual Information Sessions. Meet our director, learn what your child's day will be like, and ask all of your questions in this live format using Google Meet. 

Click for Virtual Info Session Schedule!