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Global Greatness: Startown Elementary School’s Second Grade Change Makers

As part of the Participate Learning Global Initiative, Startown Elementary was recently recognized as a Global Leader in Participate's recent newsletter. 

Embracing Dr. King's Legacy: Making the World a Better Place

As we return from a holiday dedicated to the memory of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., let's reflect on his timeless words: "Life's most persistent and urgent question is, what are you doing for others?" Dr. King's legacy inspires us to embody the spirit of service in our communities.

Today, we are proud to share a heartwarming story from Startown Elementary School in Catawba County. The second graders at Startown Elementary connected with a local partner, The Corner Table, to learn about the challenge of food insecurity in their area. The second graders didn't just stop at learning about food insecurity – they were empowered to take bold action. They used information + action to join forces with the Food Closet in making a positive impact on the lives of those affected by hunger.

The Corner Table wrote, “We are so proud of these 2nd graders at Startown Elementary School. We visited with them this week to talk about our feeding programs, and they donated more than 400 pounds of food they had collected to support our Community Kitchen. It’s a blessing to see kids in our community making a difference!”

It's truly remarkable to witness our youngest community members embracing the principles of empathy and community service. Their initiative serves as a shining example of how each one of us, regardless of age, can contribute to the well-being of our neighbors.