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Fred T. Foard High School Publications Wins State Award

 Fred T. Foard Publications was recently awarded a prestigious Tar Heel Award for broadcast and yearbook for the 2022-23 School Year. The Tar Heel Award, presented by the North Carolina Scholastic Media Association (NCSMA), is the highest honor awarded to select student media from the All-North Carolina class. Altogether, the program won 41 awards with nine first-place finishes from the NC Scholastic Media Association, placing it as one of the best journalism programs in the state. 

(photo: three FTF journalism students accept awards)


Tar Heel Award

All-North Carolina

3rd place Copy

3rd place Social Media

HM Coverage

HM Photography


Individual awards:

HM Sports Captions - Julia F.

3rd place Sports Captions - Reagan W.

HM Captions - Julia F.

1st place Captions - Heidi H.

1st place Theme Copy - Hannah S.

3rd place Feature Copy - Reagan W.

1st place Sports Copy - Julia F.

3rd place People Section Design - Chloe P.

2nd place People Section Design - Reagan W.

1st place People Section Design - Julia F.

3rd place Theme Spread Design - Mackenzie H.

1st place Theme Spread Design - Julia F.

1st place Feature Spread Design - Mackenzie H.

1st place Sports Spread Design - Julia F.

HM Theme Photograph - Reagan W.

2nd place Theme Photograph - Julia F.

HM Feature Photograph - Heidi H.

3rd place Feature Photograph - Julia F. 

HM Sports Photograph - Julia F.

NCSMI Best Overall Assignment Submission Julia F.



Tar Heel Award

All-North Carolina

HM Social Media

3rd place Video

HM Production

3rd place Editing

2nd place Audio

2nd place Anchor

HM Sports - Julia F.

3rd place Sports - Heather W.

Hm Feature News - Casey W.

1st place Feature News- Heather W.

3rd place Hard News - Casey W.

2nd place Hard News - Anthony C.

1st place Hard News - Julia F.

HM Spot News - Alexander G.

3rd place Spot News - Julia F.