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CCS Awarded NCDPI School Safety Grant

Catawba County Schools Awarded NCDPI School Safety Grant

Creates Opportunity to Upgrade School Safety Measures

NEWTON, March 9, 2022 -- Catawba County Schools was recently the recipient of an NCDPI School Safety Grant in the amount of $315,000. The grant, provided by the Center for Safer Schools in conjunction with the North Carolina General Assembly and part of the School Safety Grants program, will provide a significant boost to the district’s ongoing efforts to create and maintain safer school environments. 

According to Dan Moore, Assistant Superintendent of Operations, the application process was a collaborative effort between school district personnel and local law enforcement agencies with ongoing support from the local Board of Education and County Commissioners. “We are very fortunate that our local elected officials continue to make school safety a priority. We are extremely thankful that our county commissioners are faithful in appropriating significant funds annually to address the safety concerns in our schools," notes Moore. “Catawba County Schools would also like to express appreciation to the CCS Board of Education for their vision and strong support of district safety initiatives.” Moore further states that the district is "thankful for the involvement of local law enforcement agencies (in the grant application process), including the Catawba County Sheriffs Department and Sheriff Don Brown, our school resource officers, and Maiden Police Department. These agencies work to keep our schools safe and assist with identifying needs within the district.” School resource officers collaborated with school administrators to gather data through a needs assessment submitted as part of the grant requirements. 

Catawba County Schools plans to utilize the majority of the grant funding for district-wide camera system upgrades at select schools, with the remainder applied to several other projects, including the construction of a security vestibule at the Sweetwater campus, and the purchase of 10 portable walk-through metal detectors, additional handheld radios, and additional door monitor devices.