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On 8/24/20, the Board of Education voted to change the dates of the remote days that were previously on the calendar.

Last night, the Board of Education approved an updated calendar that moved our five mandated remote days to the following dates: August 28, September 4, September 11, September 18, and September 25. In addition, we added one remote day for high school students only on February 23 because of the administration of the ACT. 

The reason: Back in May, the North Carolina legislature passed a bill that all public schools in North Carolina must build in five remote days into their 2020-21 calendar. Of course, this was prior to announcing that NC schools must open in Plan B, which is a mix of in-person learning and remote learning. We changed our calendar to incorporate these mandated remote learning days on Fridays, which are already designated as remote learning days under the A/B/C Plan. 

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