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A message from Superintendent Stover: 

Thank you to our Board of Education for meeting and discussing the facts regarding the very difficult decision of opening schools under plan B or plan C. The administration worked with our local health department to answer well thought out questions from our Board, Community, and Staff. 

Under these circumstances, we know that not all employees or community members will be happy with any decision. We understand both sides of this issue of safety and learning for students and staff. Tonight, our Board of Education, after receiving many data points, processes, and procedures, is proceeding under the administration's recommendation to open under Plan B from the July 13, 2020, meeting.

Our administrative staff in both our central office and our schools has worked extremely hard to meet everyone's needs. We know that in some cases, we have fallen short, and in other cases, we have met those needs. The common theme that I am so proud of for all our staff, our administration, and our Board of Education, has been respect and dignity - regardless of your personal thoughts about the reopening of schools). 

It is obvious and continues to be evident to me that we all might not always agree on a particular situation, but we all are in it for our students, our fellow colleagues, and the community.  

We will continue to do our best to offer the safest and best learning environment possible for our students and staff.

Thank you all for all you have done and will do for our students and community in the upcoming weeks, months, and this school year! 

2020-21 here we come, different, but in some aspects better than ever!