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Dear Parents of High Schoolers:

I understand this is a busy time of year - especially for our seniors! I wanted to make sure you knew about a valuable resource on all of our high school websites: a full list of available scholarships for those who wish to continue their education after graduation. Simply go to your school’s website for a handy pop-up box directing you to the right page.

Many scholarships have deadlines in the next week or so, including a few scholarships near and dear to my heart involving future teachers in Catawba County Schools. Each year, the Education Foundation for Catawba County Schools awards $2,500 scholarships to three deserving CCS graduates who plan to become CCS educators themselves. We want to start our future teachers’ careers off right by investing in them from the very beginning! 

Please check out the Education Foundation’s scholarships, along with dozens more on our websites. Have a fantastic evening and a healthy and productive Friday!


Matt Stover, Ed.D.