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NEWTON, May 11,  2022 -- On May 10, 2022, Catawba County Schools celebrated its employees in their “Roll Out the Red Carpet” event at CVCC's Tarlton Complex. The gala-themed evening featured student “paparazzi” from across the district and backdrop photos along the star-studded entryway. Specialty desserts were provided by the culinary arts programs at Bunker Hill and Maiden High Schools. 

Hannah Haskins, 2021 Catawba County Schools Teacher of the Year, expressed gratitude to the attendees for their hard work and dedication as she ended her year representing the district, 

“The most important thank you… goes to each of you here that show up for kids every day. Thank you for allowing me to represent you in this role for a year. Thank you for the tireless efforts you put in. Thank you for your passion, energy, and heart. This district is an incredible place to be because of each of you. So tonight, as we come together to celebrate our “of the years,” I hope we each take the time to feel celebrated and feel the appreciation and joy that surrounds this event.” 

Dr. Matthew Stover, Superintendent, announced Vanessa Perry, St. Stephens Elementary School, as the Catawba County Schools 2022 Teacher of the Year. She was selected in a rigorous process from a field of 28 candidates representing each school in the district. Mrs. Perry received a $500 award from the Education Foundation for Catawba County Schools, a crystal apple provided by Horace Mann, and the 1-year use of a 2022 Camry SE courtesy of Mike Johnson’s Hickory Toyota. Mrs. Perry will now represent Catawba County Schools at the regional level. 

Dr. Rene Spry, Oxford Elementary, was named the Catawba County Schools 2022 Principal of the Year. She received a $500.00 award from the Education Foundation for Catawba County Schools. She will also represent Catawba County Schools at the regional level. 


Other top winners of the evening include: 

*Elementary Teacher of the Year: Hannah Maness, Blackburn Elementary School

*Secondary Teacher of the Year: Anissa Wall, Challenger High School

*Beginning Teacher of the Year: Madison Baker, Catawba Elementary School

*Counselor of the Year: Patricia Johnson, Balls Creek Elementary School

*Media Coordinator of the Year: Holly Poovey, Arndt Middle School

*Recipients of a $500.00 award provided by the Education Foundation for Catawba County Schools and a crystal apple courtesy of Horace Mann. 


The following award recipients were celebrated at an earlier date but were also recognized at the evening’s event: 

CCATA Teacher Assistant of the Year: Brittany Brown, Lyle Creek Elementary School

Educational Office Professional of the Year: April Herman, Licensure Specialist

Educational Office Professional Administrator of the Year: Rae Thompson, Asst. Supt. of Human Resources


National Board Certification recipients were also recognized. 

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