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Looking for someone? This searchable directory of all of our staff makes it easy for you to connect. Search by keyword (example: music or counselor), first or last name, location (school), or simply use the "Departments" drop-down box to find everyone in a department. Happy searching!

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Ashley Wike

Titles: Sixth Grade Teacher
Locations: Oxford Elementary School
Departments: 6th Grade

Lori Wike

Titles: Guidance Counselor
Locations: Jacobs Fork Middle School
Departments: Counselor

Maggie Wike

Titles: First Grade Teacher
Locations: Tuttle Elementary School
Departments: 1st Grade
Leah Wiley

Leah Wiley

Titles: School Counselor
Locations: Bandys High School
Departments: Counselor

Amber Wilkerson

Titles: Third Grade Teacher
Locations: Catawba Elementary School, Online Catawba
Departments: 3rd grade

Anita Wilkinson

Titles: School Secretary
Locations: Mt View Elementary School
Departments: Administrative Support

Bobbie Wilkinson

Titles: Math and Science Teacher
Locations: St Stephens High School
Departments: Math/Science

Samantha Wilkinson

Titles: Math Teacher
Locations: Maiden High School
Departments: Math

Alison Williams

Titles: Science Teacher
Locations: St Stephens High School
Departments: Science