Engage. Inspire. Empower.


Inspiration starts with you!

We firmly believe our teachers are what makes education better in Catawba County Schools!  Working in Catawba County Schools allows you to inspire students every day - both inside and outside of the classroom.   We are looking for teachers who share these core beliefs:

  • Schools and classrooms are safe and inclusive of all students. 

  • Relationships are at the core of education.

  • High expectations along with rigorous and personalized instruction are the key to growing young minds.

woman looking at camera leaning against wall in classroom
Top Ten Reasons to Teach in Catawba County Schools.
 1. We build safe and caring environments for students and staff.
 2. We value relationships as the foundation for learning.
3.  We believe everyone belongs.
4. We partner with our community.
5. We have high expectations for excellence.
6. We support our teachers and help them grow.
7. We believe in continuous improvement.
8. We collaborate.
9. We make a positive impact on our community. 
10. We do what is right for kids.

Steps to Apply