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Licensure Renewal

Certified employees who hold a continuing license must renew that license every five years.  The renewal window opens April 15 each year in the NCDPI Online Licensure System.  The cost of renewal is $35, payable in the Online Licensure System after completion of the Statement of Applicant.

Below are the requirements. If you are looking for additional CEUs, you will find more resources in the Professional Development folder in CCSEngage/ClassLinks

Area Minimum Total Minimum Literacy Minimum Content Minimum DLC Minimum Principal
Elementary 8.0 CEUs 3.0 CEUs 3.0 CEUs 2.0 CEUs Not required for this area.
School Administrators* 8.0 CEUs Not required for this area. Not required for this area. 2.0 CEUs 3.0 CEUs
All Others* 8.0 CEUs Not required for this area. 3.0 CEUs 2.0 CEUs Not required for this area.

*For School Administrators and all others, except elementary, the additional three CEUs to reach the minimum of 8.0 may be in any area.

The Lifetime Teaching License

This license is available to those who have completed 30 years of teaching, regardless of retirement status.  This type of license requires no renewal.  Applicants should wait until the end of their current renewal cycle to apply and must include documentation from the Teachers and State Employees Retirement System showing 30 years of service.  There is a $35 fee for this renewal.

Revalidating a Teaching License

If a North Carolina teaching license expires, you may apply to revalidate it through the Online Licensure System.  You must complete, within three years, the required Continuing Education Credits for your specific licensure area as indicated in the chart above.

If you are revalidating your teaching license in order to apply for the Lifetime license, you still must complete all the renewal credits and submit them to the Licensure Section.