Message Retrieval

  • Need to listen to previous messsages sent?  Call 855-997-6246 from your primary number to listen to previous messages.

Opt-In/Out - Phone

  • Accidentally Opted Out or Need to Opt Out of phone calls?

    Anyone that opted out by accident will need to call 855-502-STOP (855-502-7867) from the phone they opted out of to restart the service.  You can also use this number to opt-out of phone calls from the system.

Unsubscribe/Subscribe - SMS/Text

  • ***WARNING*** - If you unsubscribe using this method, you will not receive any further sms messages from Catawba County Schools, including Emergency event notifications.

     To Unsubscribe from the DCCC Alert notification system either reply to a received message with the word 'STOP'  or send 'STOP to 60680
    Blackboard Unsubscribe
    To Resubscribe, text “SUBSCRIBE” to 60680

    Blackboard Subscribe

    You are now subscribed.