• Maiden. Proud Past. Fearless Future.

    The town of Maiden has always been known as a tight knit community, especially during one very distinctive sport season. As fall approaches every year, along with the crisp air, crunchy leaves, and many family gatherings, it brings with it high hopes and anticipation for the upcoming Maiden High School football season, something cherished by everyone in this small town. Two years from now, however, will be slightly different. In addition to our own Maiden Blue Devils, another widely popular shade of blue will be represented on our field-as well as our opponents’ fields-  this season. With only one loss during their regular season (15-1), this NFL team ‘dabbed’ on their adversaries and clawed their way to the Super Bowl. The Carolina Panthers were extremely successful this previous football season, and our small town team aspires to have the same outcome.

    Many of the young men on Maiden’s football team have ambitions toward competing on the collegiate level, and some even aim to make playing football their career. In our quaint town, Maiden High School Football and the Carolina Panthers go hand-in-hand for many of our citizens. Because the town of Maiden so closely associates with these two exceptional teams, it is an honor to be the school selected out of fifteen other participating schools to construct a R.A.T. Rod as an accolade to the Carolina Panthers.

    MHS’s approximately sixty-year-old vehicle will be unveiled in April of 2017 and will be present at all home and away games for the Blue Devils’ football team. Every time the Blue Devils score a touchdown, which should be expected to occur often, our R.A.T. Rod will shoot flames from the top, blare air horns, and spew tennis balls from a potato cannon!  On the back of our R.A.T. Rod, there will be a hammer and railroad track to represent the Panthers’ famous slogan, “Keep Pounding!”

    The MHS auto class has also managed to discover how to use different levels of air pressure, which allows the front of the R.A.T Rod to fall, appearing as a Panther ready to pounce. Lastly, an intimidating, cat-like representation will be the teeth on the grill of the car, as well as pieces placed slightly above the headlights to give it the impression of a Panther's eyes. As I stated earlier, MHS’ success is due to the commitment of our whole community. Catawba County has kindly offered to keep this R.A.T. Rod licensed and insured for the rest of its existence. Because of this generosity, all of the students involved in this project will be able to view this car at all Maiden High School football games for many years to come. Although the doors will be welded closed, there will be a small opening (which could be compared to a sunroof) that will allow our community to access the inside of the R.A.T Rod. One of the most amazing parts of this opportunity, besides being linked with the Carolina Panthers, however, is the plaque located on the interior of the car, specifically on the dashboard that will immortalize  the names of every  individual involved in this experience.

    Through this whole experience, Maiden has been brought closer together, not just as a school but as a community- a family. From April  2017 and on, every Friday night football game will have the M.H.S. Rat Rod as a symbol of what the biggest little football town can really do when we set our minds to something great and as a testament to the brotherhood of Maiden’s whole community.  
    Maiden. Proud Past. Fearless Future.


    -Written by Kylie Morgan, MHS class of 2018