• AIG Program Service Delivery is based on the NC AIG Program Standards:

    NC AIG PROGRAM STANDARD 2:  Differentiated Curriculum and Instruction

    The LEA employs challenging, rigorous, and relevant curriculum and instruction K-12 to accommodate a range of academic, intellectual, social, and emotional needs of gifted learners.

    1. Adapts the NC Standard Course of Study (SCOS) K-12, to address a range of advanced ability levels in language arts, mathematics, and other content areas as appropriate through the use of differentiation strategies, including enrichment, extension, and acceleration.
    2. Employs diverse and effective instructional practices according to students’ identified abilities, readiness, interests, and learning profiles to address a range of learning needs at all grade levels.
    3. Selects and uses a variety of research-based supplemental resources that augment curriculum and instruction.
    4. Fosters the development of 21st century content and skills at an advanced level.
    5. Uses on-going assessment, both formative and summative, to differentiate classroom curriculum and instruction and inform flexible grouping practices.
    6. Creates affective curricular and instructional practices which support the social and emotional needs of AIG students.
    7. Cultivates and develops the potential of young (K-3) students through purposeful and intentional strategies and differentiated curriculum and instruction.
    8. Collaborates with AIG personnel and other professional staff, including regular education teachers, special education teachers, other instructional staff, and administrators, to develop and implement differentiated curriculum and instruction.
    9. Develops and documents a student plan that articulates the differentiated curriculum and instruction services that match the identified needs of the K-12 AIG student, such as a Differentiated Education Plan (DEP). This document is reviewed annually with parents/families to ensure effective programming, provide a continuum of services, and support school transitions.