• Junior ROTC

    Catawba County Schools offers Junior ROTC in all 5 of its traditional high schools. The AJROTC (Army) is offered at Bandys and Fred T. Foard, the AFJROTC (Air Force) at Bunker Hill and Maiden, and the NJROTC (Navy) at St. Stephens High School.

    Every school gives prospective cadets an opportunity to enroll in a minimum of 10 different courses. All schools offer honors level courses beginning with the second course. Additionally all five high schools offer Advanced Leadership and Drill as well as opportunities to attend the Summer Leadership Academy in which cadets will earn 0.50 units credit.

    Each JROTC course builds upon the previous one becoming progressively more in-depth. However, with the exception of the first, or in some instances the first two courses it is not mandatory to take the remaining courses in order. All courses are taught by retired officers and enlisted personnel and all are certified teachers.


    Air Force JROTC I-VIII

    Credit: 1 unit

    Levels I-IV: 9-11

    Levels V-VIII: 11-12

    Air Force JROTC is designed to provide cadets with a clearbunderstanding of Aerospace Science, including but not limited to Air Force customs and courtesies, aviation history, the science of flight, space exploration, astronomy, career opportunities, geography, navigation, orienteering, global awareness, leadership, citizenship, conflict resolution, health and wellness. Community service, uniform inspection/proper military personal grooming and moderate physical activity are expectations of the program.

    In addition to more in depth study of the curriculum, additional leadership responsibilities and duties will be expected as cadets progress through the JROTC program. During the final two courses of the program, cadets will participate in decision making and planning for the unit. Duties may include the coordination of cadet training activities, providing instruction to beginning cadets, leading physical fitness training, conducting research based on case studies, and completing individual community service projects.

    In addition to the JROTC curriculum, cadets will have the opportunity to participate in a number of co-curricular activities such as but not limited to: JROTC summer leadership schools, drill meets, model rocketry programs, flying model programs, static model programs, Kitty Hawk Air Society.


    Air Force JROTC Honors

    In addition to the regular course requirements, cadets seeking  honors weight will be required to establish a leadership journal and complete a major research project comprised of a research paper, a portfolio and a presentation. All projects must be pre-approved by the senior JROTC instructor. Honors weight will be applied based on the successful completion of the cadet initiated research project.