• Students earnYELLOW TICKETS for exceptional behavior and wise choices going above and beyond what is expected.  We follow our Startown Behavior Expectations Matrix and students have the opportunity to earn individual tickets for their positive effort.  We have weekly drawings for Startown passes of their choice each Friday on Startown Journal.  Sudents may choose an electronics pass, eat with a buddy pass, sit in a teacher chair pass, extra recess time, etc. and they LOVE these rewards!  

    Students also earn WHOLE CLASS TICKETS from all Staff members by going above and beyond in all areas of the building.  Each class has a ticket chart displaying their earnings and a reward goal is decided on by the teacher and students.  Once their goal is accomplished, the class is announced on our morning welcome announcements and teachers receive a blue jeans pass for the day!  We have had pajama day, board game day, electronics day, movie and popcorn day, just to name a few. It's awesome to see our classes make wise choices!!

    Each 9 weeks we have a student-lead PBIS assembly thanks to our Student Council members. Our assemblies have included guests such as Hickory Academy of Martial Arts, Maiden High School Football team/cheerleaders and our very own P.E. club performing unicycle and jump rope routines!  We recognize individual students with the RED ACADEMIC RIBBON, the WHITE CHARACTER RIBBON, the RACHEL'S CHALLENGE/PRINCIPAL'S AWARD RIBBON, TERRIFIC KIDS and ENCORE CLASSROOM AWARDS. These classroom awards include the Golden Recorder Award, Golden Art Palette Award, Golden PE Ball Award, Media Center Award and Creative Movement Award.  Additional school-wide awards include the Golden Plunger Award (cleanest room) and the Super Safe Bus Award.  

    Startown is a wonderful place to be for sure!!! Keep working hard everyone and earn those YELLOW TICKETS!