Student Success Team (SST)

  • The Student Success Team (SST) is a multi-disciplinary, regular education problem-solving team. The team's first goal is to develop a greater understanding of the whole child and his/her needs by using data gathered through current academic/behavior status, conferences, observations, records review and screenings. The SST's second goal is to use this information and the expertise of the team members to generate ideas, and ultimately to develop a plan which addresses the childs needs.

    The SST's purpose should be to ensure that every child has the best possible chance for success in the regular classroom. The SST should not be viewed as the beginning of a referral for the Exceptional Children's Program. If, despite the efforts of the parent, teacher and SST, the student is in need of Exceptional Children's services, the ideas and support of the SST will be valuable in helping to continue to assist the student.