• Maiden Middle School PTO

          The PTO is a non-profit organization created to enrich our children’s educational experience.  The funds raised by the PTO support enrichment programs and items at our schools that are not within the school budget. For example, security cameras, laptops, classroom projectors, books for classroom libraries, teacher resource materials,  field trip assistance and other “extras” that are in fact, essentials in providing each child with a valuable and in-depth learning experience, and are made possible each year with PTO funding.

         The PTO is comprised of parents, teachers and school administrators, The P for “Parent” comes first in PTO. Parents can support the PTO in many ways. If you haven’t already, please join us. The time commitment is small—only a few meetings per year, but your ideas and input have a large impact on your child’s education.   Children love to see their parents and guardians participate in school functions. 


    PTO Officers / Board



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    Thank you for your interest in MMS-PTO.  Your participation in our fundraisers will help to make the school a better place for children!!!