Tuttle Elementary Robotics Team

    There will be an application process for interested 5th & ­6th graders during the first two weeks of school.

    What exactly is Robotics? ​Using LEGO Mindstorms EV3 Education, students will build specific robots, but then create and add their own adaptations to make the robot their own. Using LEGO software, students will program the robot to perform certain tasks and challenges. This engaging and hands­on program will teach students to use math, science, engineering, and technology, as well as 21st century skills to help prepare for the future.

    What is FLL? ​First LEGO League challenges students to think like scientists and engineers. This competition consists of three Parts. 1)Teams will have to choose and solve a real­world problem in the Project. 2)The Robot Game requires teams to build, test, and program their robot to complete a set of tasks. 3)The final part of competition focuses on FLL's core values of teamwork.

    What is Sumobots?​ Students design and program their robot to compete in a sumo contest against other robots. The programming is all completed prior to the event, so students must use critical­thinking skills to design tactics of offense and defense.