• Mill Creek is linked to the following companies and we get rewards from them based on a percentage of purchases you make. You can link your cards on line or in the stores. 

    • Harris Teeter's Together in Education program: Link with our school number  3637 on the store website harristeeter.com.
    • Food Lion's Lion Shop and Share program: Select Mill Creek on the "Shop and Share" link on the foodlion.com site. We must have 25 cards linked to participate
    • Target: You can link Mill Creek to your Target charge card. You can go to target.com, click at the top of the page on "redcards," then click on "Take Charge of Education," enroll, and put in our school info or our ID 119822.
    All three of these are easy ways for Mill Creek to earn extra money. And of course to continue collecting Boxtops for Education.