What is Transdisciplinary Play-Based Assessment? And what can I expect?

  • This assessment is conducted through observation of routine play activities with the child which are facilitated by a play facilitator. The parent is a part of the evaluation process, is in the assessment room with the team, and may be asked to interact with the child to put the child at ease or see if the child will perform the activity with the parent.  All therapists interact with both the child and the parent through hands on activities, observations, and interviews. A recording is made of the assessment to be viewed by the team when compiling the report. Parents receive a brief overview of developed skills and emerging skills on the day of the assessment and the full report will be sent to parents prior to the eligibility meeting.  The family should allow about 2 hours for the assessment.  

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    The following Professionals are part of the assessment team which will observe and interact with you and your child during the assessment:

    Parent Facilitator
    Play Facilitator
    Physical Therapist
    Occupational Therapist
    Speech Language Therapist   


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