• Syllabus for Spring 2019

    Welcome to Biology! (Bio = Life)

    Class Description: Biology is the study of life! We will be learning about life on Earth, how life changes, and how living things interact with each other.  In this class, we will do group work, interactive assignments, and have class discussions. 

    When you get to class:

    1. Place your phone in the Cell Hotel.
    2. Find your assigned seat.
    3. Get to work on the bell ringer.


    We will be working with manila folders this semester.  Please bring some if you have them.  If not, I have extras.  You will need gluesticks, pencils/pens, and some type of colored pencils or markers that you like to use.  

    Cell Phone:

    There is a designated phone holder with a personalized place for every phone.  Each space will be numbered, and you will file your phone behind the number you are assigned.  All phones must be on silent. “Cell phones cannot be used in the classrooms unless authorized by the instructor.” -Maiden HS Student Policies and Procedures.  When permitted you may use your phones for selected class activities.


    Homework can be done at home, during quiet study halls, or Devil P.R.I.D.E. Time.  

    SMART Lunch:

    Please come to Devil P.R.I.D.E. time (Mondays and Wednesdays during A Lunch) so I can offer you extra help and make-up assignments.


    Classwork, Homework, Projects = 25%

    Tests = 50%

    Quizzes = 25%

    The NC End of Course testing for this class will be weighted 20% and is factored in automatically.

    Contact me: