• Jr Beta

    Junior Beta Club

    The standards established for membership in the Junior Beta Club are in compliance with guidelines required by the National Beta Club organization and the Catawba County School district.  The basic qualifications for membership are “worthy character, good mentality, creditable achievement, and commendable attitude.”


    Prerequisites for Membership:

    • Membership is by invitation only.

    • Membership is limited to students in grades seven and eight who are functioning at or above grade level as determined by End of Grade tests from the previous year.  End-of-Grade testing score must be a Level 3, 4, or 5.

    • A 90.0 in all core academic courses and electives: language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, and electives

    • Students must receive an (S) satisfactory or (I) improving conduct grade from each classroom teacher.  A student may not receive an (N) needs to improve or (U) unsatisfactory.

    • No more than one office referral and no Out of School Suspension.


    Standards for Maintaining Membership:

    • A 90.0 in core academic classes and elective classes

    • The standard of conduct for membership must be maintained.

    • Students who do not maintain the identified grade or identified standard of conduct are subject to one of the following disciplinary actions. These actions may be involved at the end of any nine week academic period.

      Probation—The club sponsor issues a warning that membership criteria are not being met.  A nine week grading period is given to correct the deficiencies.  All club privileges are maintained.  If after a nine week period, the academic deficiency and/or misconduct are not corrected, and/or if the academic deficiency and misconduct occurs again, the student will be expelled and be ineligible to return during the 7th and 8th grade school terms.

      Expulsion—Removal of the student’s name from the Junior Beta Club roll.  Any infraction resulting in an out-of-school suspension will result in automatic expulsion and ineligibility to return during the 7th and 8th grade school terms.

      When students are placed on probation or expelled from the Beta Club, parents and students shall be notified in writing.

  • Mrs. Amanda Huffman