• Individual Counseling

    • Students can come to me whenever they have a problem. This problem can be with other students, teachers, or their home life.
    • When I am with a student I use several different techniques to help them. I am a fan of Reality therapy developed by Dr. William Glasser an American psyhiatrist. This is an extension of Cognitive Behavior therapy. I also use play therapy and art therapy in my individual sessions.
    • Student conversations are kept confidential unless they are going to hurt themselves, hurt someone else, or know of someone being hurt. Students will always be informed when the information has to be shared with a third party.
    • Students are welcome to come to my office at anytime of the day. I have an open door policy, no appointment needed. However, if a student want's to schedule a time to make sure I am in my office and not with anyone else, that is an option also. 
    • If in my individual counseling I see that the student may need this regularly we can set up weekly meetings. If the student is in need of intensive therapy, I will refer them to Support Inc.

    Group Counseling

    • My group counseling has a club like structure. The kids refer to the groups as clubs. I allow each group to come up with a name for our "club" and most students really enjoy them.
    • In my groups we do a small guidance lesson based on the need of the group (Social skills, behavior issues, anger issues, work ethic, etc.) for the last 30 min of the day. We end with a game that relates to the lesson. Group participants know that if they want to play the game they must participate in the guidance lesson.
    • The students are grouped with those with like needs. Most of the students are recommended by the teachers but some ask to be in the group. 
    • In the groups we not only talk about mental health but we encourage them academically and teach ways they can get help.

    Guidance lessons

    • Guidance lessons are mostly done with the 7th grade students. The students will not get guidance lessons in high school so this is their prepration year. 
    • 7th grade guidance lessons are mostly geared toward them transitioning into middle school and dealing with current issues.
    • I tend to go into a classroom for a teacher once every other month to discuss a pressing issue. Also each time I am in charge of a CAT Time (Academic Academy) I do a lesson unless it is a day set aside for Language Arts or Math (EOG Classes) practice. 

    Lunch Bunch/Lunch Buddies

    • Lunch Bunch is designed for groups of kids who have trouble making friends during lunch. They will be invited to have lunch with Ms. Scott and have social skills discussions while eating lunch. 
    • Lunch Buddies is designed for students who need an adult role model/mentor in their life. This is a volunteer from the community who will come to sit with them two-four times a month and have lunch with them. These vounteers go through an extensive background check and training before being allowed to meet with your child. 

    Academic Help

    • If the students are in need of academic help we have teachers who are willing to stay after school and help them. 
    • Students are also welcomed to stay after school with me (by appointment only)or come during their CAT Time if they are in need of help. In some cases it is more beneficial however, for them to get help from the teacher.
    • Some students just want to stay after because they need the space to work. My office  (available by appointment only) is a quiet space for the students to work before going home. 
    • If your child has a disability that is impacting their learning they may be eligible for a 504 plan. The word disabilty ranges from health issues such as diabeties or scoliosis to mental health issues such as ADHD or depression. We also have temporary 504 plans for students who are only disabled part time such as a broken leg.
    • I also help students get supplies they may need for projects such as contruction paper, colored pencils, markers, etc. 


    • If you are in need of items such as clothing, toiletries, food, school supplies, etc. Do not hesitate to contact me and we can see that you get the assistance that you need. We also have the Christmas bureau that helps with Christmas gifts.


  • email: Shalon_scott@catawbaschools.net

    phone: 828-428-2326

    fax: 828-428-5389