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    Open House - July 31st, 1-6 p.m. 


    Challenger classes begin - August 1st


    CVCC classes begin - August 14th 


    Labor Day Holiday - September 4th

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Building College-Ready, Life-long Learners

  • Open House:  July 31, 1 p.m. - 6 p.m.

    • Open House is July 31. Every student and one parent/guardian must be in attendance.  This is a mandatory event for every family. 
    • Here is the way it works:
      • Come to school between 1 p.m. – 6 p.m. to meet with your PAA, and take care of all of the Open House items. 
      • Freshmen and one parent: please try to be on campus no later than 5:00 p.m. to meet with your PAA (teacher-mentor) who will then tell you how to take care of all Open House items. There will be greeters and signs to show you where rooms are located and also show you PAA assignments.
      • Sophomores through 17 year old Seniors must be in attendance with a parent/guardian.  Seniors that are 18 years old can represent their family without a parent in attendance.  (For future reference:  Seniors that are 18 can represent themselves at meetings, but cannot complete their PSO volunteer hours for their family involvement.)
      • Parking is open on campus; designated spots are marked. Our school is located on the main CVCC campus on Highway 70; we are in the Administration Building on the East Wing near the Auditorium. 
    • At Open House, be prepared to:
      • Pay CVCC student fee ($125 one-time, for the school-year for each student; made to CHS and CVCC invoices us so there is not a credit-history created for your CVCC student)
      • Pay the locker fee ($5 for the school-year)
      • Walk-thru your schedule (Your schedule will be in your Open House packet.)
      • Pay the PSO fee for each family. ($40 fee for each family; one-time for the school-year)
      • Take care of items like buses, questions, personal-information updates, etc.



    Challenger Early College High Schools opened its doors in 2005.  The school is an initiative of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in partnership with the NC General Assembly.  Early colleges are designed to spark economic development in their county by graduating seniors with high school diplomas and career and college-readiness degrees.   We serve 400 students from Alexander and Catawba Counties in partnership with the four school districts, CVCC, NC New Schools, and the NC Department of Public Instruction.  

    The early college supports problem-based and investigative learning while promising each student exposure to life-ready skills, infusion of the Habits of Mind and 21st Century Skills, adherence to the early college model, access to the Future Ready Core Diploma with the required university admissions courses, and access to earning an associate's degree.  The school is the only early college in the state that offers a comprehensive performing arts program and interscholastic athletics program.

    In terms of economic impact, the school has created more than 100 additional local jobs, due to higher graduation rates and greater earning potential for our graduates that earn Associate's Degrees.  Our graduates have contributed so far in excess of a net half-million dollars to local government revenue, an outstanding return on investment, with our total 419 graduates in our ten years according to the Regional Economic Analysis Laboratory at Clemson University.  

    For over 10 years running, the Firebirds top the state and county in academics, attendance, and graduation rate.  Designed around research, the school follows the national early college model offering students a personalized environment, powerful teaching and learning in classrooms, and a pervasive ready-for-college culture that creates pathways and opportunities for life in the 21st Century.

Who Do We Serve

"Doing School Differently"

  • We believe in "doing school differently" to achieve different results.  "Doing school differently" means designing the school areas with intentional alignment to our shared mission, refining our instructional practice, fostering strong relationships with students, and working together as professionals that are focused on a shared responsibility for student-success and college-readiness if they elect to pursue education beyond high school.
    Components of "Doing school differently" include the Graduate Promises, community service requirement for each student, and Student-Led Conferences for each student.  

    Graduate Promise

    We promise each student four things by the time they walk across the stage at graduation:  
           * Infusion of the Habits of Mind and 21st Century Skills
           * Access to the University-prep Diploma and an
              Associate Degree
           * Exposure to Life-Ready skills
           * Fidelity to the Early College Model

    Community Volunteerism

    Students at Challenger Early College complete a minimum of fifty hours of community service in their Junior Year.  Volunteering in our community is a small way to give back to our local supporters, promote soft-skill attainment, and partner with local charity efforts.  Additionally, community service is a way for students to have a broader understanding of their citizen-level responsibility when they become adults.

    Student-Led Conferences

    Students at Challenger Early College present Showcase Portfolios to their parents at the end of each semester.  The Showcase Portfolio is comprised of artifacts from the semester and evidence of their growth.  During this Student-Led Conference, parents are the listeners as their student confernces with them and discusses strengths, areas to improve, and growth over the semester.