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  • Click the photo to find out more information about our upcoming virtual auditions... TST Virtual Auditions

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  • VL

    Students and Parents Join us Virtually as we finish

    our semester flattening the curve of CoVid-19.



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  • now showing

    Join us on Virtually Yours, Tractor Shed Theatre 

    First Virtual Coffeehouse this Thursday. 



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  • tstcoff



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  • welcome

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    nc school hero


    Could you please help join us in supporting Mrs. Rice

    as the NC School Hero through the NC Educational Lottery?

    It only takes a second and doesn't require a login. 

    Vote Daily.

    Contest ends March 15th. 

    Follow this link: 

    Click here to vote for Mrs. Rice


    nc school hero school hero

    nc school  Save

     #MySchoolHerois Molly Rice #NCSchoolHero #NCSchoolHeroes #NCLottery 


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  • Click here to read stories, see videos, view photos, etc. 2019 fall semester Reflection

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  • shine

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    Fall Play Production announces its annual Civic Engagement project! 
    This year these caring and creative theatre students wanted to meet students from our Exceptional Children's Department to buddy up and get to know each other better. Our show will torch-bear the stories of these young folk through the creative arts - song, dance, visual art (with the tutelage of Lori Deal-Flynn!), poetry, spoken word, creative drama, and music video. 
    Watch this space for more info.
    Auditioned troupe of Fall Play Production 2019
    Shine: Spotlighting Stories from SSHS EC Program 
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  • dad

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  • halloween night

    Check out 2019 Trick-or-Treating Extravaganza show -

    Evil Idol: 15 Disney Villains Vie for Who is the Most Evil of them All! 

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  • We are celebrating over 800K views on our

    Nightmare Before Christmas Trick-or-Treating Extravaganza

    Show with 7.6K reactions, 2K comments, and 15K shares. 

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  • spooky coffeehouse

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  • Excited for a week of creative activities to help reduce social isolation and spread kindness!

    Check out our webpage for more info! SSHS Start With Hello Week 


    #StartWithHello #SAVEPromiseClub #TractorShedTheatre #BannedBooks #SandyHookPromise



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  • jk

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  • 2018-2019 Reflection on an amazing year... check it out. 


    Check out our yearly reflection to see our award-winning creative work for 2018-2019! 


    Have a lovely and safe summer...

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  • Welcome Spring Semester

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  • auditions

    Join the award-winning Tractor Shed Theatre for Fall Play Production,

    Spring Play Production, or Musical Theatre for the 2019-2020 school year. 

    Click here for more info. 

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  • This year's spring production is fully student produced. small town secrets is an original whodunit written by Coleson B. & Hannah M. and directed by Hannah M. See the character introduction video here: 

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  • sts

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  • mt

    Musical Theatre Revue 2019 was amazing! These students rocked the house. 

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  • TST's second annual Prom Promise mock car crash raising awareness against driving distracted or under the influence. Special thanks to St. Stephens Fire Department, Catawba County Sheriff's Department, Catawba County EMS, Novant Medic Flight, Springs Road Auto Express, and Precision Paving. 

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  • TIOS

    Theatre saved my life. I'm so grateful to teach some amazing students at Saint Stephens High School. I'm heading into my fourteenth year directing the Tractor Shed Theatre. In 14 years, we have produced 13 full-length spring productions; 14 original devised theatre for civic engagement; 5 original Trick-or-Treating Extravaganza shows; 7 original children's shows with tours; 5 Musical Theatre Revue shows; 4 original art based shows at Hickory Museum of Art; and 3 one-act plays for North Carolina Theatre Conference. Stayed in the Top Five in NC for reciting poetry for nearly 10 years with runner-up twice, and won many awards. We are nearly over 50 shows for our community! I spend 700-800 hours in a year after-school with students for free. My students bring me hope and light in this sometimes darkened path. Theatre is absolutely necessary in a child's education. It teaches all the "soft" skills that any employer would need in an employee. Check out Melani L.'s advocacy video introducing you to the cast of this year's spring play production: 

    Celebrate Theatre in our Schools during the month of March.

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  • HDR hdr2

    Read the Article in the Hickory Daily Record here

    See us on the news here

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  • Our S.A.V.E Promise Club placed "kindness" boxes for faculty, staff, and students to leave a "Third Party" anonymous compliment for our Say Something Week. The boxes were full of heart-felt messages. We surprise-filmed the recievers, and this is the result... #SaySomething #SandyHookPromise #SAVEPromise 

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  • say something week

    Say Something Week: Tractor Shed Theatre's Students Against Violence Everywhere Club, Juntos, Student Council, Cohesion Club, and Key Club join forces to bring Sandy Hook Promise's "Say Something" call to action. Check out this link to check out the week! 

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  • Hickory Playground grant

    We are honored to get this good news! 

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  • What an amazing semester of creative work!

    Read our Fall Reflection... 

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  • Check out our recent national awards for our

    Students Against Violence Everywhere Promise Club.

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  • Sticks & Stones

    Sticks & Stones 

    This year's civic engagement project is a personal one. My students wanted to re-visit their childhoods by choosing a district-feeder elementary school and share with them an original play based on personal testimony about bullying and to bring to life the stories from current fifth graders at St. Stephens Elementary School on their own stories of hate, meanness, and bullying. (Cool note: Some of the cast’s teachers are still teaching the fifth grade!) Sticks and Stones is also further outreach efforts based on our S.A.V.E (Students Against Violence Everywhere) Promise club work. After the show, we are going to spend time with the fifth graders and create a vlog offering advice, help, and resources for social isolation, bullying, and mental health. Visit our Sticks & Stones page to read more, see photos/videos and watch reflections from fifth grade teaching team, children, and actors.  #SAVEpromiseclub   #TractorShedTheatre   #SandyHookPromise


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  • Play Production students kept the Tractor Shed Theatre

    tradition with their fifth Trick-or-Treating Extravaganza! 

    This year's chosen theme was The Monster Mash. Students studied classic horror films and the universal monsters in order to create an original 20 minute show with live singing, dancing, acting, and science experiments. The show looped 11 times during the evening. Thousands of Hickory residents passed through.  A video was taken of our Nightmare Before Christmas (third year) and it has gone viral with over a half a million views (632K) 12.1K shares and nearly 1.6K comments and 5.7K reactions. Over night our Monster Mash video hit 1k and now has 4.3K. Check out more information about our Halloweens in the navagation on the left. 

     The Full Show at night... 

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  • Molly Rice (Director/Educator Tractor Shed Theatre), Holly Ellwanger (Juntos), and Hailey Garrow (Key Club) chat with Hal Row on WHKY's First Talk Radio Show about Sandy Hook Promise and the national Start with Hello Week.

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  • Check out our original Video Series Here on

    Social Isolation #StartWithHello 


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  • swh

    Starting the week of Sept. 24-28, The Tractor Shed Theatre will spearhead this national week to help create a culture of inclusion that values each individual at SSHS. Hundreds of schools and youth organizations across the United States will participate in Start With Hello Week and teach students 2-12, the skills they need to create a culture of connectedness, and encourage them to reach out to and include those who may be dealing with social isolation. We are collaborating with some amazing clubs here at SSHS to help us reach out - Juntos, Key Club, Student Council, Cohesion, Guidance Counselors and admistrators, and teachers on the Building Leadership Team for Character Education. 

    Check out the week and join us in our effort to make school a welcoming place. 

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  • wel


    We are excited to begin the new school year!


    Here's to 2018-2019! 


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  • Molly Rice Receives the JoAnn Spees Youth Advocacy Award 2018

    This prestigious award honors the individual, community group, or business whose efforts have prompted healthy lifestyles and empowered youth to make healthy lifestyle choices so that they can reach their full potential. 

    j j


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  • Have a look back at our amazing 2017-2018 year! 

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  • sold out

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  • ot

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  • ot

    Join us at the Tractor Shed Theatre to celebrate the 80th year anniversary of Thornton Wilder's Our Town! America's most famous play. Since it's opening on Broadway, Our Town is still performed at least once each night somewhere in the United States, and throughout the world.


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  • Our first year collaborating with the St. Stephens Fire Department, Catawba County Sheriff's Deparment, Catawba County EMS, and A-1 Towing to present "Prom Promise" a mock crash scene to raise awareness for safe driving. 

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  •  auditions

    Auditions for the 2018-2019 school year is around the corner!  Please memorize a one minute monologue from a movie or a play and sing one verse and a chorus of your favorite song!  Check out our registration page to learn more about our auditioned classes.

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  • register

    For 2018-2019 in the award-winning Tractor Shed Theatre program!

    Check out our registration page on the left nagivation

    to see what we have to offer. 

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  •   tst live 2018  

    Join us as we perform hilarious sketch comedy from

    Saturday Night Live on March 15th at 6pm $5 admission

    Musical Guest (SSHS Alumni) Ray Vargas & Guest Host

    (SSHS Alumni) Jackson Shoe!

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  • ss

    We had an amazing fall semester and

    look forward to lovely spring one as well! 

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  • March is #Theatreinourschools month. Please check out our

    arts avocacy video and meet theatre students as we try to

    break any negative stereotypes of artists and share why we

    think theatre matters in school.


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  • Honored to celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day at Exodus Missionary

    Outreach Church by performing our original civic engagement show.

    Hope you can join us!

    Stones of Hope

    Read our book below or listen to us on the WHKY Hal Rowe

    Radio Show "First Talk" here.

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  • We love doing our Halloween show (Trick-or-treating Extravaganza!) for

    thousands of children in NW Hickory! This year brought an Alien Invasion

    to my yard. Check out our photos and video along with an article here. 


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  • This year fall play production brought a four-sided effort to their 

    civic engagement work - the nation, the state, the community,

    and the school. The TST helps Hurricane Harvey & Irma victims

    by collecting much needed items.


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  • sm

    What a wonderful 2016-2017 in the Tractor Shed Theatre!  

    Have a look at our creative work here.


    2016-2017 Tractor Shed Theatre Reflection (Magazine version)

    in PDF file

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  • Molly Rice is North Carolina Theatre Arts Educators’ (NCTAE) Teacher of the Year for 2016-2017

    Rice NCTAE NCTAE’s (www.nctae.com) mission is to advance the quality and scope of theatre education in North Carolina schools through professional development, collaboration, and empowerment of Theatre Arts Educators. At this year’s Fall Sharing event held at Central Academy of Technology and Arts in Monroe, Molly was chosen by drama teachers across the state as their third Teacher of the Year.

    Molly was recently showcased by the New York Publisher Playscripts for their “Teacher Spotlight” series. The series chats with teachers from around the country, picking their brain about their theatre program and the art of teaching theatre. You can find the interview here: Playscripts "Teacher Spotlight: Molly Rice"

    In Molly’s eleven years directing the theatre program at Saint Stephens High School (SSHS) lovingly called “The Tractor Shed Theatre”, she has been chosen as a Nobel Claes Educator of Distinction, a “Hometown Hero”, Hickory Daily Record’s Notable Neighbor and Top Ten to Watch in Hickory in 2015, St. Stephens High School’s Teacher of the Year, Hamilton & Herring Orthodontics Teacher of the Year, SSHS Wachovia’s Teacher of the Year, the Hancock-Settlemeyer Award for contribution in the field of prevention of child abuse and neglect.

    Alongside her student actors they’ve won regional and state awards at the North Carolina Theatre Conference One-Act Play Festival, National Championship winners of the Media League Online Creativity Contest, winners of a video/film contest celebrating black history month, Champions for Kids winner for Simple Giving projects, top five in the state for eight years in the National Poetry Out Loud Recitation Contest, The College Board Civic Engagement prize, Norton Anthology Poetry Video Contest winners, and the eInstruction Classroom Makeover Music Video Contest worth $30,000 in technology.
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  • one


    Check out Mrs. Rice's interview and TST alumni Irvin Maldonado photos of Peter/Wendy.



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  • Tractor Shed Theatre


    We are an award-winning public high school program in Hickory, NC.  

    Courses include:  Beginning Theatre Arts; Intermediate Theatre Arts; Fall Play Production (original show based on civic engagement) offered as a stacked class of Intermediate, Proficient and Advanced levels for honors credit; Musical Theatre - offered as a stacked class; and Spring Play Production (offered at honors level).  

    The Tractor Shed Theater is a black box theater that seats about forty.  It really once was used to store the school's tractor and has since been renovated into a beautiful classroom, small performance space and Coffeehouse venue. Navigate through our website on the left.