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From the Principal

  • Dear Parents and Guardians,


    Spring is approaching and learning is in full swing here at the Oxford.  As you may know, this is a time of year that students make the most academic and social learning improvements.  Make school a priority.  Very soon the weather will change with spring right around the corner.  It can be challenging to keep our children focused on learning.  What can you do to make school a top priority for your child?  Keep these ideas in mind:

    • Make attendance your number one priority.  Let your child know that unless they are sick, they must attend school (and be on time.)  Make an effort to schedule appointment after school hours.
    • Show you care.  Talk about school activities and projects.  Make an effort to attend as many school events as you can.
    • Remain positive.  Try to set a positive example for your child, even when your own day has been challenging.  If you show a positive attitude about your work, your child may feel better about their own.

    I would like to thank all parents who attended parent conferences and our 3-6 Student Led Conferences.  What a great success that was.  Remember to read with your child every day.  Let them see you read.  Before, during, and after the reading, encourage your child, begin a discussion about the story, ask questions, visualize the story, offer information, share personal thoughts, and connect the story to real-life situations.  Make the time an enjoyable experience and let your child see that reading is fun.  Celebrate this special time together! The more students read the better and more confident they will become.

    Our first annual PTO Bingo Night was a huge success.  Thank you to our wonderful community for the donations, support, and participation to make this a wonderful evening together as a school family so successful.  If you have or know of an upcoming Kindergartener, please ask them to call the school to sign up for Kindergarten Screening on March 26th


    Dr. Stilwell